The flock on the Bowen Farm  - fall 2010   Above looking north, below looking sorth. The picture below was runner up for best Eastern landscape with sheep in the American Sheep Industry magazine 2012.



          Obviously someone here likes taking pictures.

A five week old Anatolian Shepherd pup, first time out of the barn trying to figure out what kind of beast this is.

The Suffolk ewe lambs on the Jerry May farm.


Our sheep run on the Jim Bowen farm near Hot Springs. We are blessed to be able to enjoy such a fine and photogenic haven for our flock. Spring 2017 provided probably more rain than we needed, but we'll take that any time over the alternative.


Above and below : The North Country ewe lambs on the Jerry May farm nearby.


A Highland Trooper daughter bred as a lamb with her son by"Tank Jr".

Four "Tank Jr"sons out of ewes bred as lambs.


Notice the shadow on the ground showing how close from contact.

For those who like them thick.......
Highland Trooper at 2 yr old before shearing

FALL 2014 
  We ran the Suffolk ewe lambs at the handsome Pillow farm, near Natural Well. All Emenheiser 1P daughters but one, they were with a ram lamb we kept by McCauley 2612, High Road 401

The North Country ewes always look good in the fall, putting on condition and getting heavy in lamb. Back right is Bennett 6, dam of Highland Banner and Piper, a great old ewe.


Highland Trooper posing. This is what we think a North Country ram should look like. He has been with 40 ewes since August, but has not exactly melted away.

We finally made it through a thoroughly nasty winter and were happy to see some green grass.

We usually like to have a few crossbred lambs for our commercial customers.

Julie's bottle babies after graduating from our basement to the farm.
Two Suffolks by McCauley 2612, and two NCC Tank daughters. The picture shows clearly what a superior job Julie does with the orphans.

Bottle raised ram lamb by 2612

5 Suffolk ewes added from the John Scott flock. 3 of them were bred here.

From the Suffolk Underworld.
Dalton Bennett, Macqueen, Dr.Joe Emenheiser, and John Scott pictured May 2014 on John's farm near Princeton,WV.

John says you may recognize some of this outfit from post office visits.

Lest we forget.........                                   

"North Country Chill"
This photo was a prize winner in the 2014 ASI magazine photo contest, the third year running we have had a winner.


This fine picture was taken by Joe Emenheiser in Vermont, April 2015.  His stud rams include from left:
Muleflock 16R, MacCauley 2612 (partnered with Joe, Dalton Bennett and High Road Sheep), McCauley 2407 and Emenheiser 13-30R, all impressive British influence sires.
Getting them all to line up and pose in such orderly fashion is
no easy matter.



This fine picture was sent to us by Bob Salmon, ram customer from Missouri, showing one of his guard dogs and a North Country Cheviot ewe. The dog looks very much like our "Blue" dog. The photo was taken by Mark Parker, a freelance writer from Kansas, who was writing a story on pasture management

North Country Cheviots in Scotland
A picture sent by longtime friend Innes Miller taken at Dalmore, in Ross-shire on the way to Caithness, where his property maintains an extensive wind farm including 24 turbines. I always thought God never made a better place for a wind farm - a bleak heather moor, devoid of scenery or fertility, with the wind a constant force off the North Sea.


I regret to say I have never been to Lewis, part of the Outer Hebrides, but had several college classmates from there, and hope to get there some day. The sky in the bottom picture is amazing. Check out their facebook page for many more pictures of good sheep and splendid scenery.



Speaking of freelance writers, Karl Kavacs took this photo for a story he wrote for "Country Folks" magazine. Looking North toward Hot Springs from Allegheny County into Bath County.
The story was about me and the sheep. They must have been running short of story ideas.


We had a lot of triplets this year. Here are triplet lambs waiting for their supplementary bottle

Let's get things rolling!

As bad as the weather was, a lot of down time in the barn.

       HIGH ROAD SHEEP FLOCKS were established in 2008. Below are pictures taken 2008-2013

        The flock started out on Bird's Run Farm near Mill Gap in Highland County, owned for 200 years by the Woods family. 


     Notice the sheep segregated grazing, Suffoks above, NCC below. They got over it later. 

                                  The guard dog pups in the early days

                            The Suffolks grazing the meadow after hay.

   North Country ewe lambs purchased from Ron Fletcher pick for grass. Notice the moon, right center. This picture was featured in the ASI calendar 2014
Pictured on Bird's Run farm, Mill Gap, Highland County,VA.



            The guerd dogs about a year old. Blue on left, Red on right.


          After leaving Highland County,The sheep spent over a year near Natural Well in Allegheny County,   thanks to Nick Pillow and family.
               The ewe in the foreground is a little skinny, maybe having to do with the twins behind her


                                       The leaves are turning.

                    A Fletcher ewe and her twins in a striking misty landscape. She came from the National Salee.
                One of our better ones.This picture won runner up in its category, American Sheep Indusry magazine 2012.


         A black North Country lamb. I had seen a few in Scotland, but this was the first I had seen in North America.
        Black lambs cannot be registered. This one had a white twin. Had it been a female we would have kept it around.

                   Highland King - stud ram for Lee Deem, Big Springs Farm, Alderson,WV.
                           A maternal brother three years later was High Road 0085, the $2000 ram.
 King was sired by "Hammer", 0085 by Highland Piper.

                                                                                                                                                                                             " He must never wash this old truck."


                                                                                  Width of base


                                    Highland Piper and his mother, Bennett 6. a handsome pair ,we think!
        Piper subsequently sired the record breaking $2000 High Road 0085 in 2012.

    The sheep moved to the Jim Bowen Farm in July 2010. A fine grass farm, it is located on Rt 220 between Covigton and Hot Springs, in Allegheny County,VA and is leased from Mr Bowen by John Mitchell, who runs cattle on the pasture.  We are indebted to both these gentlemen for allowing us to run our flock there.


                                  " Well are you just going to stand there, or bring some hay?"


                                                                           Close to lambing time.


                                                    " Who's supposed to be leading this outfit?"


                                        Stylish 9 month old "Hammer"son likely bound for Petersburg.


                                          Chieftain and Piper posing.


                             Blue is not happy when you point a camera at her.


                                                                        A break in the action


                                                                            Helter Skelter


                                                          " Did you happen to bring me a treat?"


                                                                 " Let's go!  Me first - watch this!"



                                       Red with one of her buddies.


                                                   "Braveheart" a yearling and the only crossbred ewe in the flock.
                                                Was Julie's bottle baby, so will stay.




                                                                                         BONUS BABY

                       We have a yearling Suffolk ewe that was hurt - I assume perhaps a cow stepped on her.
  She goes on three legs. I hated to dispose of her, so let her stay and lamb.   This is her crossbred baby by"Chieftain".  A "topper" as they would say in Scotland and a keeper.                                                                                      

                                        "There's that old guy again"


                                       "You can go on home, I've got everything under control."


                                    Kellen Sponaugle, a youngster from the neighborhood applies the goodies.



                          Lazy Day


               Yearling ewes by AHF 2558

                     "o.K. Listen up - we'll give you your instructions for today"




     Some baby pictures from 2013.



     One of several sets of triplets. She raised all three.


                  Tiny Tim, right with his twin, a crossbred pair out of a ewe lamb.
Tiny is the smallest lamb at  birth I ever had that survived.

                From Bowen farm hill looking East over Rt 220.

                 Bowen Farm looking North.

                Note : this website consists of 10 "pages". I have no idea what the dimensions of a page are, but it looks like I'll run out of pictures before I run out of space.

Two great crossbred ewes, part of a group now owned by the Ramsays at Fishersville, VA.


      West Virginia State Fair 2012

The first time any of our sheep appeared at the fair, Steve McHale had young J.J. Maddox showing 3 lambs bred by us.
  Below, J.J. is pictured with judge Jim Ashby and the ram lamb that wound up Reserve Champion, All Other Breeds. Over J.J.'s right shoulder, Macqueen and above, Robbie McNabb.   To the right are Steve, Bob and Tammy Dotson, J.J.'s mom.


                             Robbie McNabb works on one of the ewe lambs. 


                                J.J. eyeballs the judge.

 Good times with Reagan and Bob Rodgers in the sheep barn, West Virginia State Fair, 2012. She will soon be a vet, from Virginia Tech - we look forward to a party then. Reagan's dad, Tom Simms was a great friend for many years, but sadly died at 45.  He would be so proud of her, and her older sister Sophia who is a doctor.
    Bob with his dad and brothers has developed a solid Salers cattle operation.
    Looks like the doughnuts in his bag are a tad greasy.

Julie with Jumior, our right hand man in the cattle barn at the North Carolina State Fair, where  we have  taken pictures for 16 years.. Junior has been there since day one. He has retired, but comes back every year for the fair.


  Hailee Bisset, photogenic granddaughter of our friends Rick and Linda Kern with her lamb at the North Carolina State Fair. Her mom Pamela is a top cattle hand. This picture was "Best in Show" at a Virginia fair.


Dtermination and technique on display in the "Mutton Bustin' " contest at the VA State

Selling your first steer can be tough.
He was your best buddy after all.
That's where moms come in.

        North Country sheep at Waternish, Isle of Skye.
                                    Skye is one of the Inner Hebridean islands on Scotland's West coast.
                             An isle with an abundance of majestic scenery and home of my paternal ancestors. 
     We were lucky enough to have the use of a cottage located from where this picture was taken on our visit  in 2006

     North Country sheep in Caithness where they were developed as a separate breed, originating long ago from the Cheviot Hills in the south.  Looking South from Latheron on the North Sea coast.

                                       "Just wait - I'll show you how it's done!"

                                      Border Collies waitng their turn at a sheepdog trial,  Halkirk, Caithness.

                 For lots more Scottish and Virginia landscapes, see the SHEEP STORIES  page. 


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